2 bd | 1 ba | 560 sqft

📍 123 Nacajuca Street, Nacajuca, Mexico

New Construction | Nestimate: $28,876

Estimated Payment: $100 / month


Lifetime of opportunities! This multigenerational home is ready to make a family’s DREAMS come true. 2 BR, 1 bath, with the easy possibility to expand when you start your business or your in-laws want to move in. Home has DIRECT access to clean water, sanitation, & electricity!! Cool Roof technology combats climate change by reducing the amount of heat absorbed from the sun, which cools the inside of the home by up to 9 degrees Fahrenheit. Home is close to public transportation, schools, and health services. Friendly neighborhood that’s safe for children and empowering for entrepreneurs.

Families like yours in the community helped design the homes, making it human-centered for YOUR FAMILY. Walls are made of Ecoblock material, which is stronger than traditional cinder blocks and reduces C02 emissions. Can withstand earthquake!! Windows are in the PERFECT position to help you start a business out of your own home. Roof is strong and does the best job of keeping you dry during the rainy season. Your family will own this land & home FOREVER.

  • Single Family Residence
  • Built in 2022
  • 2 Bedrooms
  • 1 Bathroom
  • Living Room
  • Kitchen
  • Ecoblock
  • 560 sqft

Facts and Features

Home impacts every aspect of life, for every generation.


  • Locked doors and windows give families the sense of security it takes to work, play, and sleep with confidence.


  • Children can better focus on learning and growing into their full potential when they can sleep and study in peace.

Economic Opportunity

  • Families can build a career when they have the margin to grow their skills rather than living to survive. And since the home is in your family name, you can pass it down to your children.

Healh & Sanitation

  • When families can drink clean water and wash their hands at their home, they can stay healthy for the long haul. Cement floors also reduce vulnerabilities to contract diseases.


  • Our human-centered design process touches on 15 of the 17 United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals.


  • Families help design their homes and they make affordable monthly payments toward owning their home.


  • Host meals and make memories by having a safe space for your family and friends.


  • Every family deserves the opportunity to live in a safe home where they can build their big dreams.

Home Value



The benefits of owning a safe home are priceless. In Mexico alone, we’ve seen families:

  • increase their income by 63%
  • Increase their feeling of safety by 35%
  • Increase their sleep quality by 26%

Click here to see how we use data to create and measure the value of a home.

Monthly Cost

  • The families we serve make long term repayments towards their new home.
  • Since a stable home helps families grow their income, people are often proud to make these repayments. Monthly payments help unbanked families build a credit history and a sense of ownership.
  • Our team recycles the repayment funds into our home building efforts. We’ve found this repayment model to multiply the impact of philanthropy while also empowering families to best care for their new homes.


Get to know the neighborhood. New Story builds communities in close proximity to town centers to ensure families have access to resources and services.

Walk Score
100 / 100 (not car dependent)

Transit Score
100 / 100 (great transit options)

Meet the Community

“This new house will be completely different from where we live now – this will be permanent. This will be my land. In my name. For my family. And that is freedom. I will have room to invite others in if anyone is hurting or in need of a place to stay. This home will give me the ability to help so many more people.”

Viviana de la Cruz Arias:
"I'm very happy that my kids will have stability and more space. We waited for a house of our own for so long, about three years. Things have been challenging. I lost hope that this was it," she says. "I'm so grateful. We finally have a secure home with good neighbors. The kids can study in a home before they don't have electricity all the time. Now they will."

"I felt so relieved and happy once they gave me the key. They're not going to evict us from here. We suffered so many hardships because of the forceful eviction from our homes. They only let us take a few of our things, so many of our things stayed behind. Over here, I finally feel like my sons have a future. When I'm not here, they will have this place to stay safe.”


For more information, contact Ali Watkins at [email protected]

New Story is a nonprofit pioneering solutions to end global homelessness.

The team has built 37 thriving communities in its first seven years, impacting more than 15,200 people with safe housing. Investing heavily in R&D, New Story believes in bringing groundbreaking technologies to families who need them most.

From a human-centered design curriculum to 3D printing to micro-mortgage loans, each innovative solution is shared with other teams tackling homelessness so more families can access safe housing.